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silverlegal provides patent preparation (drafting) and prosecution before the USPTO to its clients.  We can help with provisional, non-provisional or PCT applications.  silverlegal can work with foreign associates (international law firms) to help silverlegal's clients procure patent rights in other countries or help the foreign associates' clients procure patent rights in the U.S.  silverlegal can also help its clients with the patent process from inventor's notebooks to invention disclosures to global filing decisions to decisions of whether to maintain existing patents.  For international applicants seeking a US inbound patent legal assistance, please click here.  


If you have a USPTO Office Action rejecting your claims under 35 USC §101, §102, §103 or §112 or objecting for another reason, silverlegal can prepare and submit a response for you.  Or, if your technology is so complex that your current law firm won't spend the time to learn it in order to effectively progress your application, give silverlegal a call.

silverlegal also provides innovative service models based on clients needs.  For example, if an application is the cornerstone of a business strategy and is worth spending extra money on, silverlegal may pull together multiple experts to provide input.  In other situations, you may want silverlegal to provide oversight of your existing patent attorney.  For us, it is always about building the right solution for the client, and always at a predictable budget.

Mr. Silver is a patent attorney registered to practice before the U.S.P.T.O and represents startups, established companies and individual inventors (aka solo inventors) with complex technologies.  


Call silverlegal for a fixed-fee "all inclusive" price quote today.  silverlegal can offer an "all inclusive" rate to its clients and not nickel and dime them for each tiny thing.  Patent application pricing varies based on application type, complexity and subject matter.  We will need to speak with you to quote a price.  silverlegal's utility patent application pricing is in the same ballpark as that of the Law Offices of Michael Blake, LLC.  (We include complexity, government fees and drawings in our upfront prices, so do expect us to come in a little higher than those prices shown.)


Most patent office actions based on one or more rejections can be handled for $1,000 - $3,000 depending on complexity.  Prepping for and conducting examiner interviews, provided no travel is involved, is usually less than $1,500.  These estimates are non-binding and subject to change at any time at silverlegal's discretion.

Government fees are paid for by the client unless included in an "all inclusive" rate.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's fee schedule can be found heresilverlegal provides for free select patent forms here.  


  • Optics

  • Mechanical

  • Materials

  • Nanotechnology

  • Automotive

  • Processing

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Displays

  • Medical Devices

  • Printing

silverlegal affiliates with other patent attorneys and agents to provide greater technological scope for its clients including unlisted technology areas. 

Select applications and granted utility patents that Mr. Silver worked including drafting or prosecution are listed on the left of this page.  Note that a listing here does not mean that Mr. Silver both drafted and prosecuted the same applications to allowance, or that Mr. Silver owned the client relationship.  Nor does it mean that a new client can expect similar results.  Patent Numbers with an asterisk (*) were drafted by Mr. Silver.

Soil Conserving Shovel, Apparatus And Methods Of Use And Manufacturing

2019/0116712* Assigned to Tracey Tools LLC

Networking Advertising Methods and Apparatus

USP 8,682,728* Unassigned

Mems Fabry-Perot Inline Color Scanner For Printing Applications Using Stationary Membranes

USP 7,623,278 Assigned to Xerox Corp.

Multi Power Source Power Supply

9,138,519* Assigned to Maquet Cardiovascular LLC

Plasma Generating Electrode, Plasma Generation Device, And Exhaust Gas Purifying Device

USP 7,635,824 Assigned to NGK Insulators Ltd.

Systems And Methods For Reducing Process Direction Registration Errors Of A Printhead Using A Linear Array Sensor

USP 7,896,460 Assigned to Xerox Corp.

Calibration of in vivo blood pressure sensors

USPs 8,038,623 and 8,133,184 Assigned to Datascope Corp.

Ocular Lens

USP 7,819,523 Assigned to  Hoya Corp.

Microbattery Comprising Through-Connections and Production Method Thereof

USP 7,811,702 Assigned to  Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique

Microscope with Focusing Assist Apparatus

USP 7,791,795 Assigned to  Nikon Corp.

Evaluation Method for Crystal Defect in Silicon Single Crystal Wafers

USP 7,718,446 Assigned to  Shin-Etsu Handotai Co., Ltd.

Optical Recording Medium

USP 7,826,333 Assigned to TDK Corporation

Electronic Apparatus, Lighting Apparatus and Method of Calculating Electric Quantity Thereof

USP 7,761,004 Assigned to Nikon Corporation

Scale and Readhead Apparatus and Method

USP 7,839,296 Assigned to Renishaw PLC

Methods and Apparatus for Adjusting Ink Pile Height

USP 8,599,440* Assigned to Xerox Corporation

Eye Axial Length Measurement Apparatus

USP 8,016,418 Assigned to Nidek Co., Ltd.

Apparatus for Calculating Quantity Indicating Charged State of On-Vehicle Battery

USP 7,733,063 Assigned to Denso Corporation

Image Measuring System, Image Method and Computer Readable Medium Storing Image Measuring Program Having a Nonstop Measuring Mode for Setting a Measurement Path

USP 7,822,230 Assigned to Mitutoyo Corporation

At Cut Quartz Crystal Resonator Element and Method for Manufacturing the Same

USPs 7,608,987 and 7,861,389 Assigned to Seiko Epson Corporation

Material Processing Apparatus, Material Processing Method, and Material Processing Program Product

USP 7,865,130 Assigned to Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.

Device And Method for Connecting Device Manufacturing Processing Apparatuses, Program, Device Manufacturing Processing System, Exposure Apparatus and Method, and Measurement And Inspection Apparatus and Method

USP 8,090,875 Assigned to Nikon Corporation

Plasma Reaction Vessel, and Method of Producing the Same

USP 7,727,487 Assigned to NGK Insulators, Ltd.

Knee Protection Apparatus for Vehicle Occupant

USP 7,850,198 Assigned to Toyota Jidosha Kabushiki Kaisha

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