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Practice area: Patents

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Feel free to browse our new patent websites, (focused on the patent needs of startups) and (focused on patent law/IP law more holistically)

When you find a patent attorney that understands startups and cares about your success, you can stop looking.  We have convinced more potential clients not to pursue a patent application by talking through their probabilities of success, realistic budgets and timelines, and their startup plans than clients we have signed up.  And it wasn't because we refused to help.  It is because the potential clients were informed and made the right decision for them.  Take advantage of our $300 no-commitment consult to talk through your much larger future investment and time commitment to your dream.

silverlegal provides utility patent application preparation (drafting) and prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") to its clients.  We can help with provisional, non-provisional or PCT applications.  silverlegal can work with foreign associates (international law firms) to help silverlegal's clients procure patent rights in other countries or help the foreign associates' clients procure patent rights in the U.S.  silverlegal can also help its clients with the patent process from inventor's notebooks to invention disclosures to global filing decisions to decisions of whether to maintain existing patents.  For international applicants seeking a US inbound patent legal assistance, please click here.  

We enjoy working on mechanical, consumer products, complex manufacturing, medical device, aerospace, electromechanical, materials processing and other interdisciplinary inventions.  Through our partners or subcontractors, we can also work on software, chemical, biology and other technical areas.

If you have a restriction requirement or election of species requirement, a USPTO Office Action rejecting your claims under 35 USC §101, §102, §103 or §112 or objecting for another reason, silverlegal can prepare and submit a response for you.  Or, if your technology is so complex that your current law firm won't spend the time to learn it in order to effectively progress your application, give silverlegal a call.  We can also help with power of attorney, information disclosure statements, assignments, patent drawings, interview request forms, and other patent documents your startup or growing business may need.

silverlegal also provides innovative service models based on clients needs.  For example, if an application is the cornerstone of a business strategy and is worth spending extra money on, silverlegal may pull together multiple experts to provide input.  In other situations, you may want silverlegal to provide oversight of your existing patent attorney.  For us, it is always about building the right solution for the client, and always at a predictable budget.

Mr. Silver is a patent attorney registered to practice before the USPTO and represents startups, established companies and individual inventors (aka solo inventors) with complex technologies.  

5-Star Patent Client Reviews Collected by 3rd Party Websites

Similar results should not be expected.

"Jarrett Silver has served as my breath of fresh air in the prosecution of my patent application.  His care and concern, diligence and professionalism has resulted in accessing examiner's feedback with an interview, and the timely submission of Office Action Response. This couldn't have been done without you Jarrett, Thanks for the leadership, guidance and support." 

"Jarrett is great to work with, very active and communicative through the entire process."

"Jarrett did a great job - helped out huge with a tight deadline and stayed up late to make it happen - def will work with again."

"I could not be happier with Jarrett for our patent needs. He was so detail oriented and invested in our project, that he felt like a part of our company. He answered the phone immediately when I was out of state, and needed him to advise on a matter with short notice. He worked with us and tailored to our needs and budget, then stuck to it. Will absolutely be using his services again. Thank you." 

"Though we’re only halfway complete with my case, Silver Legal’s performance already warrants a glowing review. I approached Jarrett under distressed circumstances around a patent application I had previously filed, and once he reviewed all documents, he somehow managed to revamp and increase my protections immeasurably. He’s been incredibly organized and prompt with his communication and deliverables, and is someone who thinks outside the box in his cases. And while he’s advised me, he has also ensured I remain empowered as the final decision-maker. Jarrett has been personable, professional and willing to work with my unique situation, and I’m deeply grateful I discovered his services. I'm much more confident with my patent filings now. I look forward to bringing him more business in the future."

"My experience with Jarrett has been simply great. He was able to grasp the details of the product very easily and provide a revised solution which helped a lot during the response process. I highly recommend him to any startup or for that matter any company out there. I wish him the best."


Call silverlegal for a fixed-fee "all-inclusive" price quote today for a utility patent application or a USPTO Office Action response.  silverlegal can offer an "all-inclusive" rate to its clients and not nickel and dime them for each tiny thing.  Patent application pricing varies based on application type, complexity and subject matter.  Before calling us, note that it is not our business model to be a low-cost provider but instead offer a high value for your investment.  We will need to speak with you to quote a price.  

If you request a patent search, we outsource it to professional patent searchers who can work at lower rates and be more efficient than we can.  When possible, we also use outsourced professional patent draftspeople for high-quality drawings.  (Sometimes we are able to use your drawings to save costs provided they are compliant with patent office guidelines.)

Most patent Office Action responses based on one or more rejections can be handled for $1,500 - $3,000 depending on complexity.  We can handle non-final and final office actions, and all types of rejections and objections.  Prepping for and conducting examiner interviews, provided no travel is involved, is usually less than $1,500.  These estimates are non-binding and subject to change at any time at silverlegal's discretion.

Government fees are paid for by the client unless included in an "all-inclusive" rate.  The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's fee schedule can be found heresilverlegal provides for free select patent forms here.  Common fees we handle after the initial filing are information disclosure statement (IDS) fees, extension of time, request for continued examinations (RCE), correction of inventorship, and extra claims fees.


  • Optics

  • Mechanical

  • Materials

  • Nanotechnology

  • Automotive

  • Processing

  • Advanced Manufacturing

  • Displays

  • Medical Devices

  • Printing

silverlegal affiliates with other patent attorneys and agents to provide greater technological scope for its clients including unlisted technology areas. 

Select applications and granted utility patents that Mr. Silver worked including drafting or prosecution are listed here on the patent listing page.  

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