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When a client newly reaches out to a startup lawyer, a contract attorney or a corporate attorney with a contract need, that client typically has a business deal that will fall apart if the contract negotiation is not handled deftly.  That client's fear of working with the wrong attorney is well placed, especially for a new business short on resources.  A bad or a missed deal could end a startup.  So, too, can an unnecessary litigation.

If you have been looking for an Atlanta Contract Attorney or are located in Georgia, check out silverlegal.  ​silverlegal places an emphasis on understanding a startup's business.  In fact, Mr. Silver does not like to mark up a contract until he can talk to understand the client's needs.  This approach may seem strange to some attorneys, but we feel we cannot service our clients in our view in any other way.  While not always possible, Mr. Silver is happy when he can boil down a contract to the key essentials fitting it on a single page or two and still protect the client.  silverlegal measures success by the speed of the contracts getting signed as well as happy clients feeling their needs were met in the process.  He utilizes e-signatures and PDF editing technology to minimize transaction time.

Don't like legalese?  We don't either.  Whether the question is indemnity, choice of law, payment, expenses, intellectual property assignment, exclusivity, non-compete, non-solicit, confidentiality, fiduciary duties, vesting, preferences, statement of work, or other common issues that are found in startup contracts, silverlegal can help explain these terms in plain English and amend them to fit your needs.  And when the agreement you have no longer fits the situation you are in, we can either customize your agreement or build you a new agreement from scratch.

Mr. Silver honed his contract drafting, review and negotiation skills in his 5+ years working for a multinational.  In this role, practically speaking, he interacted with every type of contract that flowed through the U.S. entities of the multinational.  He developed a keen sense of doing what it takes to get the job done and protecting the company without wasting time on the extraneous stuff.  Here, he reviewed a wide variety of sales, distributor, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and service contracts and redesigned many of the company's contract templates from scratch.

In his 3+ years at silverlegal, Mr. Silver has focused on contracts for his early-stage startup and business clients.  He has also spent time on investment contracts and major business transactions, representing each side of the transaction at different times.  In addition, he regularly deals with the contracts associated with business formation and shareholder governance discussed at the Formation Practice page.



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