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Practice area: COMMERCIAL Contracts and CORPORATE LAW

​NDA ○ Operating Agreement ○ Bylaws ○ Stock / Option / Equity Plan ○ Sales T&Cs ○ Master Service Agreements ○ Non-Competes ○ Convertible / SAFE / KISS Notes ○ Distribution ○ Asset Purchase ○ Stock Purchase ○ Vendor ○ Independent Contractor

silverlegal places an emphasis on understanding business creation, acceleration, incubation, and growth. In fact, our view of launching new business means deep thorough client engagement to understand your needs. This teammate approach may seem strange to many attorneys, but we feel obligated to service our clients with solid understanding – and there is no other way but partnerships.  While not always possible, silverlegal is proud when we can boil down a contract to the key essentials, fitting it on a single page or two, while still protecting your brand and your future.  And we are proud when we can integrate contract terms into a premeditated customer experience (e.g., a sales proposal) so Legal doesn't have to be a separate stop.


We measure success by the length of time required to secure a signed contract for our customers – completed contracts. We achieve this using years of intuition honed within an in-house legal department of a multinational corporation.  In addition, by utilizing digital e-signatures and employing digital document editing technologies, we minimize transaction time and enable the signing of contracts on a smart phone.

Do you like legal jargon? Probably not. You and your customers will enjoy plain straight forward legal language (or at least a straightforward explanation): 

  • Indemnity Clauses

  • Choice of law Clauses 

  • Payment Descriptions

  • Expense Handling

  • IP Assignment 

  • Exclusivity Clauses

  • Non-compete

  • Non-solicit

  • Confidentiality

  • Fiduciary Duties

  • Ownership Vesting 


The above illustrate a few common areas of importance in startup contracts. At silverlegal we explain and amend contract language to fit your business goals. We can either customize your legal agreement or build a new legal document from scratch.


Mr. Silver honed his contract drafting, review and negotiation skills in his 5+ years working for a multinational.  In this role, practically speaking, he interacted with every type of contract that flowed through the U.S. entities of the multinational.  He developed a keen sense of doing what it takes to get the job done and protecting the company without wasting time on the extraneous stuff.  Here, he reviewed a wide variety of sales, distributor, healthcare, technology, manufacturing and service contracts and redesigned many of the company's contract templates from scratch.

In his 5+ years at silverlegal, Mr. Silver has focused on contracts for his early-stage startup and business clients.  He has also spent time on investment contracts and major business transactions, representing each side of the transaction at different times.  In addition, he regularly deals with the contracts associated with business formation and shareholder governance discussed at the Formation Practice page.  He has assisted clients with asset purchase agreements, stock purchase agreements, membership interest purchase agreements, operating agreements, bylaws, investment contracts, independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, restricted stock agreements, award letters, vesting schedules, intellectual property assignments, restructuring, SAFE notes, convertible debt, SaaS agreements, privacy policies, software development agreements, shareholder agreements, service agreements, demand letters, subscription agreements, resolutions, releases, sales agreements, distribution agreements, reseller agreements, consulting agreements, vendor agreements, confidentiality agreements, and more.


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