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silverlegal helps startups and small businesses with all aspects of equity.  We primarily work with Georgia, Delaware or Wyoming LLCs or Corporations from issuing equity to founders and investors to vesting agreements to employee, advisor, and contractor compensation.  We have helped local and international clients.  We can help with agreements discussing equity and federal and state filings.   We have helped in-bound international founders with their post-incorporation needs for Delaware corporations and receipt of investment.

If you have formed a company or corporation but haven't yet dealt with the equity aspects, we can help.  If you want to pay an employee or contractor with equity, we can help there too.  When you want to add members, partners, managers, shareholders, etc., reach out to silverlegal.

If you are, or have found, friends and family, pre-seed, angel, seed or venture capital investors that want to invest in equity or convertible securities, we can help there as well.  We handle Regulation D (domestic) and Regulation S (international) private placements for startups and small businesses.  This includes Rule 504, Rule 506(b) and Rule 506(c)  an intrastate offerings.  We can help with SAFE, KISS and convertible notes and even the mechanics of 83(b) elections. We can help with federal securities law and blue sky laws compliance. 

When you are ready to sell your business (or buy a business), we can help with an asset purchase agreement, stock purchase agreement or membership interest purchase agreement, the due diligence and related documents and details. 

Call us to receive a price and guidance for your securities law and corporate law needs from a metro-Atlanta, Georgia attorney focused on businesses like yours. We expect that we provide advice and documentation at a more startup-friendly rate than those charged by large law firms.  We can handle convertible rounds or fixed price rounds and help with your subscription agreements. Note that silverlegal does not provide tax advice but can work with your accountant or tax attorney.

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