PRACTICE: FORMATION and Incorporation

We handle a wide range of initial documents for LLCs and Corporations.  

We can help you work through your co-founder/partnership issues.

We can set the stage for contractor and employee growth.

If you are starting or have recently started a company in Georgia or Delaware or Wyoming, talk to silverlegal.  We can help you choose whether a C Corp, S Corp or LLC is right for you and whether to form it in Georgia, Delaware, Wyoming or another state.  Need a EIN?  Apply here.  

When you have two or more members in a member-managed LLC or you have a manager-managed LLC, the lack of an operating agreement signifies that you likely have not thought through how your entity will be governed and worked through the human element of running a business.  Worse yet,  the rules governing your LLC will be default rules under the state laws, and may not be what the partners would have chosen for themselves (when everyone got along).

We can help with your governance documents (operating agreement, bylaws, shareholder agreement, buy-sell agreement), IP assignment documents, share issuances, contractor agreements, advisor agreements, employee agreements, restricted stock / vesting, phantom equity, options, preferences, section 83(b) elections, and more.  When you want to add members, partners, managers, shareholders, etc., we can be your sounding board for these decisions.  Even if you attempted this process with form documents and now you're confused, it's not too late to reach out to silverlegal

We have helped multple clients move their business entities from one state to another, including converting the entity at the state level.  Do you need a new EIN number?  Find out here.  We can also help you convert an entity of one type to an entity of a different type including preparing certificates of conversion and the like. 


We have helped multiple domestic and international clients who used services like Stripe Atlas, Clerky or Harvard Business Services to get set up with a Delaware Corporation.  These clients frequently request silverlegal's assistance with completing their post-incorporation needs, issuing shares, changing their share structure, adding angel investors, setting up vesting schedules, adding advisors, complying with Delaware formalities, and creating their early agreements.  We would be happy to help you too.  

Note that silverlegal does not provide tax advice but can work with your accountant or tax attorney, or hopefully we can refer you to someone versed in the types of issues you are facing.

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