Jarrett Silver, JD/MBA
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Mr. Silver's approach to silverlegal comes from his internal struggles with law firm norms.  He had worked in a law firm with an international reputation and in-house at a multinational medical technology company.  Even at the time when his clients could afford to pay high legal fees, Mr. Silver has always struggled with the hourly billing model that is so prevalent in the legal field.  In the law firm environment, he felt he was doing something wrong when billing clients for more than what was expected even when unforeseeable complications arose and extra work was legitimately needed.  Then, spending several years in an in-house legal department, he learned why budgets matter to businesses and why foreseeability of a major line item like legal spend is important.  An in-house counsel doesn't care how much time an outside lawyer spends on a matter as long as the cost is affordable and quality answers are timely.  Clients are the same way.  Mr. Silver also struggled with advising clients to have the lawyers provide more clarity when the clients would have proceeded anyway.  In-house, he learned that not all issues needed an expensive 100% clear answer when an affordable 80% clear answer would be satisfactory–not every legal issue is a bet-the-company issue.  He has also struggled with the lack of clear legal advice due to the inherent ambiguity in the grey areas of the law and unclear facts.  The "it depends" standard lawyer answer is rarely actionable without another "plain English" lawyer to translate the options.  Mr. Silver felt that legal service doesn't have to be this way, especially for startups and small businesses that need clear guidance and budget predictability.    

Mr. Silver is a seasoned generalist with focused experience in startups, business law, intellectual property, contracts, technology law, employment, healthcare law, and corporate compliance.  He builds a primary-care lawyer relationship with his clients, which is suitable for many of his clients' day-to-day needs.  When specialists are needed, he is happy to reach outside of silverlegal and facilitate the interaction.  He prefers communication in plain English regardless of the subject matter and the roll-up-your-sleeves practicality of an in-house lawyer.  For much of his legal career, he has had experience dealing with international clients and is used to delivering international-level complex representation on his client matters.

Before founding silverlegal, Mr. Silver provided legal counsel to a multinational company with $3.5B+ in annual revenue.  He was also in charge of the US Compliance program and transparency efforts for the company's largest division.  Prior to that, he worked as a patent prosecution attorney at a large Alexandria, Virginia IP boutique, where he regularly negotiated with the USPTO on behalf of his clients to get his clients better scope for their patent claims.

Mr. Silver is from Marietta, Georgia and enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, eating Asian food and hiking.   

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Recent Speaking Engagements and Community Involvement
  • SEMDA PitchRounds Judge, 2019

  • Georgia Bio Holiday Party Sponsor, 2018

  • IoT Showcase Sponsor, 2018

  • TAG IoT Hackathon Sponsor, 2017

  • Emory Law School, Attorney Panel on How Attorneys Assist Startups, 2017

  • TI:GER Program Panel at Emory Law School, Entrepreneurship Law, 2017

  • ACI's 8th Annual Forum on Sunshine Act, Open Payments, and Aggregate Spend Compliance, Panel on Managing Perception of Public Disclosures, 2015

  • q1 Pharmaceutical and Device Legal and Compliance Conference, Co-Presenter on Sunshine Act/Open Payments Compliance, 2014

  • Conducted several Annual Compliance Trainings for the U.S. executive, sales and marketing employees of Maquet Getinge Group (2012 - 2016)


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